LAX Gadgets Bluetooth Motion Control Speakers Review

LAX Gadgets Bluetooth Motion Control Speakers-6 Sometimes at be shows you find little gems. In this case its the LAX gadgets Bluetooth Motion Control Speakers, which I have to tell you handles everything well in all it stated categories. Priced at $99, these speakers are made by LAXgadgets a small up start coming that specializes in portable speaker system and mobile accessories. What really stands out with the LAXgadgets Bluetooth Motion control speakers; is that you get three input modes from Bluetooth, AUX-in and microSD; with motion functionality working well on the last two mode functions. Simply face you hand over the motion control area above the speaker from left to right or right to left to skip forward or backward to the next track. As silly as this sound, i actually enjoyed this functionality; though basic gave an option to control your music away from its source. Now about the sound, the LAXgadgets produce some clear smooth sound that fills the room and does distort at high level. Overall I really like the LAX Gadgets Bluetooth Motion Control Speakers; as speaker that are definitely worth the price and purchase at $99.