King Of Shaves Featuring Barbarella X. Updated!!! with Interview

King of Shaves


Interview with Diane Wood

1. Which part of shaving is the sexiest? Covering my man in shaving oil and moisturiser – the more lubrication the better! There are two things that should never be done dry – both starting with “S”  – and shaving is one of them =)

2. Where should I take you on a first date? To the playboy mansion or an exotic island  – no cheap dates here!

3. Burger or Pizza? Neither, too greasy for BarbarellaX.

4. What type of music is on your iPod? Every type of music to fit all types of moods.

5. Pyjamas or nothing? Well, how is my man supposed to enjoy my smooth legs with pyjamas on!? Nothing of course

Now some times on how to shave properly fellas