Kanex Apple Multi-Function Keyboard Review

Kanex Apple Multi-Function Keyboard Review-2 As one of the only Mac-exclusive people at Boored at work, Thunder E often ridicules me; while that comes at a disadvantage most days, today it works to my benefit as I get to review the mac – based products.  With that, Kanex has come through with the first multi-function mac-exclusive keyboard to feature a number pad.  Needless to say, I was enthusiastic to get my hands on this, and to stop using my macbook pro keyboard quite as much.

Even as I speak, I am thoroughly enjoying the Multi Sync keyboard.  Being it was made for mac, and that is has 3 bluetooth channels, you can connect your Macbook, your iPad, and your iPhone/iPod and control them all from one keyboard.  The popularity is growing on this; it has been picked up by staples, and with a price point around $70, it makes for a reasonable alternative to using your laptop keyboard.

A few points to consider:

  • •  It features Mac/iOS shortcut keys
  • •  Full numeric keypad not included with most mac-exclusive products on the market
  • •  The Bluetooth keys make for easy switching between multiple devices
  • •  Can be powered wired via USB or wirelessly
  • •  USB key adds another device to your keyboard
  • •  Comes with foldable stand for your secondary device, x2 AAA batteries and USB cable

While I used this as well as SavageFire, and we came to a few of the same conclusions, most notably that there is a bit of a delay (3-5 seconds) when Bluetooth switching between devices, so be patient when you hit the Bluetooth button as it might not switch immediately.  One of the major benefits is the USB chord which means you do not have to break your workflow when the AAA batteries die; you can simply plug it in and plug along, and pick up some batteries the next time you are out of the office.  Overall, this is the perfect desk keyboard for the Mac lover – easy to use, with all the trimmings of you expect from you Mac, and feeling as natural as if Apple itself built it.