Juicepresso Platinum: The World’s Quietest Juicer


In my mission to get healthy, juicing has been weighing heavily on my mind. I think that the obstacles for me to juice on a regular basis are over complication, time spent, and the resulting mess. I work in the city and right around the corner from work is this delicious juice bar. Why should I pay close to $10 for something that I can make myself? I’ve tossed or given away older juicers that just sat there unused. Juicepresso and its parent company Coway released an update to their super quiet juicer as the Juicepresso Platinum, and I am fortunate enough to get my hands on one. Now as a devout do-it-yourselfer with an addiction to trying new things, the Juicepresso Platinum has taken over my counter.

The Juicepresso Platinum is a high end juicer retailing for $549.99. The unit is geared towards those who prefer the masticating process over faster units. Mastication units slowly extract juice. Doing so does not cause the juice to increase in temperature, as high speed units do. Some believe this preserves nutrients, some prefer the taste.  The two main updated to their non-Platinum version are the shape of the hopper, and the extensive accessories that are included. I found the juicer easy to assembly, easy to use, and easy to clean. The juicer is relatively quiet, definitely quitter than high speed units I have used before. One thing to be aware of is that you have to cut hard vegetables, such as carrots, into smaller pieces. While you can get away with juicing large carrots in a high speed juicer, in a low speed juicer this will result in long term damage. Take their usage recommendations seriously to properly protect your Juicepresso. Juice is not rapidly extracted, and with the handy locking exit valve, juice will only be released when you wish. Speed also comes into play as far as nutrients. At 40 RPM versus 80 RPM, more of the nutrients remain in tact. The shape and stacking of the various pieces make is extremely easy to just detach, wash, and GO!!!. After juicing you can rinse out and clean the unit within a couple of minutes.  It is recommended to hand wash, which is so easy using the handy brush, although the parts are still dishwasher safe. The unit also comes with a book of recipes as well as helpful tips. Before reading the recipe/tip book I assume the pulp was just meat to be thrown out, however you can also preserve and store the pulp for other culinary uses. One friend uses it to add to her soup recipes.

Overall this is a wonderful product. It is as efficient as reported, very sleek in style, comes with product support, tips and recommendations, and is a breeze to use. Will everyone pay $549.99? Probably not, but a serious juicer will love the Juicepresso Platinum.

7 year guarantee

40 RPM for maximum juice extraction

Dishwasher safe and BP Free

Juicepresso Recipe Book

20lbs x 10” x 10” x 5”

Included parts: drum, screw, hopper, pusher, strainer, two pitchers, lid, juice stopper, brush, and manual