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Jelfin at CES 2010 announced a new line of Mouse input for computer that is sure to cause a stare. Dubbed the Jelfin Gel covered mouse. Which is uniquely designed to be a round ball like shaped mouse that supposedly is more ergonomic and fits better to the users hand. Allowing you to navigate and surf to you hearts desires. The gel is aimed to provide comfort and user protect( dust, dirt and germs in general)

***Video Review***


  • Cool packaging ( yes I dig the tin can)
  • Gel cover is easy to take off and clean, also comfortable
  • Comes in Different colors
  • Portable and travel size
  • Light weight
  • Works very well


  • Takes some getting used to( Not a bad thing, but more of a warning)
  • Feels small in the hands (though i am going by my big hands)

Snapshot(61) Snapshot(60)

Notes: Device is plug and play with windows driver support.


I think the Jelfin gel covered mouse is a nice different approach in making computer mice. it does take some getting used. ( heck its a new way of using a mouse, really). Though in the future I would like to see a wireless version and maybe a large sized mouse for large handed people like me.


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