JBL Charge 2 Review by Harman – Listen wirelessly. Charge endlessly.

JBL Charge 2-1

The Charge 2 by JBL is a portable Bluetooth speaker with great sound quality. I distinctly remember having quite a few portable speakers from JBL, a few of them donut shaped. Ok maybe I killed them dragging them to cookouts, the beach, and house parties, as of course I was always in charge of music. Now keep in mind, this is before our lovely Bluetooth versions like the Charge 2. They most certainly have come a long way.

The size and dimensions of the Charge 2 are great. It is just compact enough in its cylindrical design to toss in a weekend bag. The casing is mostly speaker grille, with rubber coated trim around the edges, all the better to carry it with. I love the control panel layout at the top. It is simple and straightforward, as was the pairing. You can pair up to 3 devices, which leads to the Social Mode. Once you are paired, up to three people can take turns playing music. What I think is funny is that you can kick the other person off by just pressing play (“my song!’, “no MY song!!”). At the bottom, there is a slightly raised base, which makes it very convenient to rest in place at your desk or home. From the rear view, you can see USB, auxiliary, and micro usb ports, giving you the ability to charge your own smartphone and play non – bluetooth devices. Onto the subject of sound, it is fabulous!!! It had rich bass, but clean crisp sound. It was plenty of volume to fill my apartment, and even worry about the neighbors complaining. (Although I did see some comments from folks that the volume needs more improvement.)

6000 mAh Li-ion battery

Charges your device

Twin passive radiators

Dual drivers

Conference speakerphone

Social Mode
Currently you can purchase the Charge 2 right from JBL for $129.99. That is a perfect price for everyone, and very reasonable for a quality speaker. You can find Charge 2 in Black, Blue, Purple (woohoo!), Red, and White. I must say, it is a lot more convenient to carry around on my shoulder than a boom box!