a-JAYS Five for Windows Phone Review [Headphones]

a-JAYS Five WP-2 JAYS are well know for their comfortable and simplistic design headphones that are stylish and provide some really balanced audio. The a-JAYS five fall within that category of praise. a-JAYS Five come in three different full-feature models for your iOS, Windows and Android phone. The three-button remotes are each designed to match your smartphone and support all features such as answer/hang up calls, play/pause music and videos, skip songs, change volume up/down, voice control. In our video review, we test out the Windows Phone version of the headset to see how well it handled.

First off in terms of audio the headset delivers to the T, with crisp clean sound and a nice mix with the lows, highs and mids.  This is not a bass heavy in-ear headphone, but you do a good complementary bass feel while listen to music with the a-JAYS Five. the in line remote worked excellently and the Mic was great for voice calls. The one area I and other have had an issue with the headset is the poor  quality of the ear cushions, which tend to keep sliding out of the ears. Other than that the a-JAYS Five are a solid pair of headphones that retail for $99.99.