Jaybird Tarah Review

In the Box:

Charging Dock
Ear tips
Shirt Clip


The quality of these pair of wireless headphones feels good in the hands. Although the wire that connects to each bud does seem a little too thin for my taste. The multimedia controls have a rubber finish so it is easy to grab and change tracks without slipping. They are really lightweight and small.


These buds are small and it doesn’t get attracts any attention by the looks. Its minimal with the Jaybird logo on each end of the earbuds. I have the black version, the only thing that sticks out is the neon yellow earbud tips. Since it is covered by the frosted gray silicon, it does not stick out as much.


My thoughts:
For starters, they have playback buttons which work great. I do not have to hold on them for too long for it to change songs. The audio does fade in as you initially play music which is a small touch I really like. The Tarah is also IPX7 so working out and sweating in these will be no problem.


The best feature is the app that works along with your phone. It notifies you the exact battery percentage. And you have plenty of presets to change how your audio sounds. It is very simple to change and if you do not like any of the ones provided, you can search for the right ones for you. If all else fails then you are free to create your own audio profile.

They do come with their own proprietary charger which is my biggest con. These headsets are geared towards the fitness people. I use these to go to the gym and do small errands, like going to the city and coming back home. I cannot see myself bringing the Tarah for weekends trips or vacations. Simply because I have to bring the charger and the battery life is short. These headphones would last me 1 hour to 1.5 hours of 5-6 gym sessions.


The sound is above average. You can find a profile that fits your liking.  Sometimes the highs would be overpowering and it doesn’t have any weight to it. And this varies depending on the song or genre. It’s hard to judge when they are so many profiles that can easily dampen the highs and make it sound great. Or lower them yourself. But I would say you do get what you pay for.


The price for this headset goes for $100


Final Verdict:
These are great for the gym and any local errands. I wish it uses USB-C or micro-USB but that would make the playback control piece thicker. If you don’t mind pulling out a separate charger just to charge these pair of headphones, then they are great. Just do not lose the charger. That is why I do not recommend taking these for your travels. The wire is very grippy so it is bothersome when it tugs along your hoodie or jacket. Since the battery life lasts about six hours, these are handy to grab and go. If you do not listen to music for long periods of time, you can get by using these headsets as your to-go ones.