Jackery Leaf & Giant+ Portable Charger Review: Recharge on the Cheap

Jackery-2 If you need a portable charger or a charging case for your iPhone 5 & 5s, then I will suggest you check out Jackery’s offering. The company has a slew of portable chargers, but today I am taking a look at the Giant+ – which is a 12,000mAh charger and its great. You can charge your device multiple times with the Giant, plus its also got a built in flash light. This pretty much is the portable charger you want on that long road trip and it only cost $39— yes just $39.

The Leaf is the is a protective charging case for the iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s, it comes with a 2,400mAh battery which ensures that you iPhone 5/5S will be fully charged. You get a choice of two protective cases with the Leaf that combines with the sliding in case to charge you iPhone 5/5s. The only down side is the thickness of the protective case but at $59.99 you really can’t go wrong with the Jackery Leaf.

Overall Jackery has a great selection of product that its worth looking at and affordable priced compared to the rest of the market. So check out Jackery for for you Portable charging needs



Jackery Leaf Specs

✓ 2400 mAh premium battery and protective case made for iPhone 5 and 5S
✓ Detachable and easy snap-on deisng, certified by Apple MFI (Made for iPhone)
✓ LED charging status color indicator
✓ Secured battery with four layers of smart safety protection
✓ 2x protective cases and 1x audio extension cable

 Compatible Devices: iPhone 5s, 5

 Jackery Giant+ Specs

12000mAh rechargeable power capacity with dual output ports (2.1A and 1A)
​✓ The world’s most powerful external rechargeable battery with stylish design
​✓ Support 1.5A fast recharging
​✓ Three LED charge status indicators
​✓ 2 LED flashlight provide illumination up to 700 hours
​✓ Secured battery with four layers of smart safety protection
​✓ Advanced power lock technology with standby time up to 6 months
​✓ Portable charger, external battery for iPhone, iPad, Android, and smartphones