J.J Abrams SUPER 8 is a Monster movie & A Spielberg movie Update- Trailer up


Saw the Trailer for Super 8 ahead of Iron Man 2 which was fantastic by the way. Back to Super 8. which is a Spielberg produced movie that has been talked about with J.J Abrams directing for a next summer release.  The movie has no immediate connection to Cloverfield other than the oblivious monster connection.

Super seems to be a story about an Alien that was capture by the government and was transported from one facility to another in 1979 on a train when a rail accident happens and it seems the monster gets lose.

well that’s what I got form the trailer which sould be surfacing online soon.

Also the new Inception trailer ( Christopher Nolan flick with Leo Dicaprio) Looks fantastic and get in-depth to what the movie is about. Which i really don’t know. LOL