It’s Friday night …and I’m bored

It’s a friday night, hope you guys were all partying 🙂  ……. and not a loser like me at home watching every single star wars movie known to man. I think I might be the only girl who’s done that. oh well… can you tell I’m bored?  Sorry it’s been a pretty rough week and my blog is my outlet, what can i say.

Anyhoo, just wanted to thank everyone for their support so far, we totally appreciate all the love! We’ve noticed a huge jump in our page views 🙂 YAY! On a more serious note, while we appreciate the comments on the articles/posts, but if we could keep the comments clean and PG, that would be great! Not that you can;t express yourself, we just don’t wanna offend anyone else reading our site.  So let’s keep it clean so everyone can enjoy!

Once again, hope you guys had a fab Friday night, and thank you again for showing Booredatwork some love!

talk to you all tomorrow!

– Jess


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