iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8: LTE Battle Vid!!!

We’re doing a battle vid between the Galaxy Note 8, and the iPhone X in a LTE battle test. Now we’ve done this before with the Note 8 and the 8 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, so you can check that out using the cards in the top right hand corner. But this one will focus on the iPhone X versus of course the Galaxy Note 8. The latest from Apple, to see how it works.

Now just to let you know, the iPhone X is not a gigabit LTE device, the Galaxy Note 8 is, so we’re going to see how that actually fares in an environment that has gigabit LTE. We just came from San Jose, we experienced gigabit LTE and we had a test there, so we’ll combine it in this video. But first we’re going to run through three tests, both devices are on T-mobile networks, so it’s on the same network, so they’re pinging on the same and running on the same carrier. We’ll be pinging similar locations for both devices, just to see how well they work. The first test here in Brooklyn will have three tests that we’ll run through, and then in San Jose we’ll do two tests there, just so you guys can take a look at it. Let’s go ahead and find out.

We’re pinging in New York City, instead of New Jersey, which is automatic. Starting off with the iPhone X, and we’re going to run our test there. Again, this is not a scientific test guys, so it’s not something they should take that way. But our download speeds from the iPhone X are 29.73, which is a little lower than standard and uploads a 43.84. Now when we move over to the Galaxy Note 8, what we have here for downloads, you can see already it’s moving higher. We have 101.44 for downloads, and our uploads are 42.38. So the Galaxy Note 8 is just higher on downloads, similar on uploads to the iPhone X.


Now the iPhone X on our second try, it’s now a little higher, actually much higher than that. But we do have downloads of 48.80 and an upload of 42.11. So that’s much better, and that’s around the normal rate I usually get with the iPhone X. And the Galaxy Note 8 here, our downloads are about 94.87, and 44.05. So again, much higher downloads, similar in terms of upload speeds. I will say this, in New York, I’ve gotten much, about a 144 the Galaxy Note 8 in terms of downloads. The iPhone X on our third try, 50.27 downloads, uploads 48.16. And our final try for the Galaxy Note 8, you will see here again, it is going to inch higher. Like I mentioned just quickly there, we’re able to get almost a 145 at least once in New York. But here we have 93.53 and 45.59. So higher downloads, similar upload speeds.

Now when we move over to a gigabit LTE environment, which was what we were in San Jose, if you guys saw me on Instagram or Twitter, you can see here, pinging on the same locations in San Jose, already you’re going to see some really ridiculous speeds. 360.63 for downloads and then 44.16 for uploads for Galaxy Note 8. But also you see an uptick in higher speeds for the iPhone X. iPhone X is going to edge much higher, it’s going to 70.53 and 44.34, so downloads and uploads here.

On our second try, our Galaxy Note 8 dipped down a bit, so we were able to get 158.15, and then 45.02. So uploads are still around the same for both devices in either environment. And the iPhone X is going to do roughly around 53.12 and 45.82 downloads and uploads. As you can see here, it still does pretty well, the iPhone does pretty well in gigabit LTE environment, but the Galaxy Note 8 really smokes out. But the iPhone X, actually the highest I got was 145 in the gigabit LTE environment. So this actually does benefit from that technology.

The winner clearly is the Galaxy Note 8, because it’s a gigabit LTE device. I would say it’s not really a fair fight. But for me personally, I would like to see every device out there have gigabit LTE, from every carrier, from every manufacturer. Also, every carrier should support it, because the speeds and also the benefits you’re seeing there is that the fact that even in the gigabit LTE environment, the iPhone X was actually able to edge up to higher speeds. While the Galaxy Note 8 is our winner here with much higher speeds on both regular LTE and GigabitLTE