iPhone 6 Plus First Impressions


 Thanks to our Local AT&T Reps at the Boylston Store in Boston Mass, we where able to get our First hands-on look at the iPhone 6 Plus on AT&T. Sorry we don’t have an unboxing yet. T-mobile is having shipment issues for the iPhone 6 Plus. So the iPhone 6 Plus is here, Apple has finally created a Phablet and its big. The screen dimensions at 5.5-inch Retina HD at 1080p. But the actually size of the device is 6-inch yes its as big as the Lumia 1520, larger than the Note 3 and on par with the OnePlus One. The display looks bright and vibrant and the thinness of the device does help its massive size. The iPhone 6 Plus is powered by the new A8 processor and packs 1GB of ram, its got an 8MP iSight camera with OIS (which should be better than the iPhone 6). The iPhone 6 Plus also sports a larger 2,900mAh battery, which should get you much improved battery life. Over I like the big look iPhone 6 Plus, we still have to spend some time with the device to give you our full thoughts.