iPhone 5S Review- A slight upgrade but not more

[iPhone 5S-2ad#ad-1]The iPhone 5S is a device that comes once a year and sets trends in the mobile industry. The iPhone 5s comes in with some unique specs with a couple of new features;which includes the A7 dual-core chip with the specialized M7 processor.  The improved 8MP isight camera that takes better lowlight pictures and can record video at 120fps and last but not least is the TouchID feature which, adds a physical finger print reader to the home button of your device– as we have seen is more of a gimmick than actual security feature.

Apple kept a lot of things similar with the iPhone 5s, like the same retina display and screen size, the same camera MP count—-though with better software features for low light. And generally the same design. To be fair things under the hood are different with the iPhone 5S with the new A7 processor and iOS7. You do see the benefits of them in a lot of the daily functions of the device. The iPhone 5S is much faster and fluid in general operations, also iOS7 adds numerous features that helps bring the iPhone forward in matching what Android does operations.

Gaming is also another area that the A7 shines, there are no slow downs during gameplay sessions and the iPhone 5S doesn’t heat up as much as its predecessor; though a lot of games are not optimized yet for the new OS and haven’t taken a fully advantage of the processor.

The iPhone 5S follows the tradition of the s-series of devices from Apple, which is minimal upgrades to hardware with one major software change. So what does that mean? Simply if you are part of the Apple ecosystem and are part of the millions that own an iPhone 4s, this is the upgrade for you. But if you are an Android or Widows Phone user. Apple really doesn’t offer anything that you can’t get from those ecosystem and will find it hard to compete  with a lot of device currently on the market. So the iPhone 5S is a good buy if you like Apple products