Introduction: DLive video community built on blockchain platform

Introduction: DLive video community built on blockchain platform

As you are aware, YouTube is the king of video platforms, but as a content creator yourself, I’m sure you are aware that constant changes of the payment model and lack of transparency continually frustrate content creators. DLive (, a new alternative for content creators provides an option for those wanting more transparency.

DLive is a decentralized, live stream video community built on the Steem blockchain rewards platform, allowing a video’s popularity to determine how much the creators can earn.

Additionally, It is also available in App version and solves some major pain points of current video platforms, including:

Lack of Transparency

  • DLive’s community determines what content gets the most rewards.
  • Each upvote, flagging, and comment can be seen by the entire community.
  • DLive does not have fees, what users see is what they get, without a middleman.

Preference on what is Showcased

  • Videos trend and earn based on the community’s upvotes.
  • DLive does not have sponsors or advertisements, making it truly impartial. Because of this, the platform dictates content ratings.
  • DLive’s community determines what content gets rewarded through upvotes and gifts.
  • DLive does not use algorithms that can force content creators to change the length or content of the videos.

Why should you care? The advent of blockchain economy signals a shift in the mindset of the younger population, and DLive is the first and largest video platform that answers their need for a change. Help DLive spread the news, grow the community and promote transparency.