Introducing the HTC Rezound 720p display on Verizon Wireless Nov 14th- $299

Today HTC announced the long rumored HTC Rezound aka HTC Vigor. The device comes with Beats audio built-in. Specs- wise the device is built with the best of the best tech.  Its got a 4.5-inch 720p display ( yes a HD screen). Powered by a 1.5 Dual-core Processor ( probably Qualcomm).  It camera has an F2.2 lens with low light sensor at 8 Megapixels. recording at 1080p. Storage; its got 32GB (with 16GB microSD and 16GB on-board storage).  It got Sense 3.5 on the HTC Rezound.  Comes with a pair of Beat audio in-ear headphone out of the Box.  The  HTC Rezound will be avaialble on Nov 14th through all retail outlet and will cost $299.99 with 2yr Contract