Introducing BlackBerry 10- with the BlackBerry Z10 & Q10

BlackBerry Z101 BlackBerry has just announced its new operating mobile OS BlackBerry 10, which will be running on New Hardware the BlackBerry Z10 & Q10. Both are powered by a dual-core 1.5Ghz Processor with 2GB of ram. The Z10 is a 4.2″ HD display device with resolution 1280×768 and the Q10 has a 3.1-inch Super AMOLED display with resolution 720×720. Both have 8 megapixel rear cameras with a 2 megapixel front facing camera.

In terms of the OS BlackBerry 10 brings some new features that aims to set it apart from the competition…


BlackBerry Time Shift – After taking a photo, move time back and forth. You can even isolate multiple faces in a group shot. Once you’re done, use Story Maker to weave those moments together to create a movie in just a couple of swipes, then share with the world. Only on the new BlackBerry Z10, powered by BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Keyboard– It’s incredibly fast, responsive and accurate. It adapts to how and where you type letters and predicts your next word. And changing text is just as easy, even if you are typing in a different language. It’s that smart, that intuitive. It’s quite simply the best keyboard you’ve ever used on a BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry Balance: BlackBerry 10 provides the simplest and most user friendly way to balance work and personal use on a smartphone. BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 with BlackBerry Balance allows businesses to protect company data within a secure Work Space. Switching between Personal Space and Work Spaces couldn’t be easier. With a simple gesture you can access messages, appointments, apps and more. BlackBerry Balance is built into the fabric of BlackBerry 10, so you get the same great native experience for both work and personal use. BlackBerry Balance even protects you from accidentally sharing work information with personal contacts and on social networks.

BlackBerry Hub– Peek into the Hub from anywhere on the device to see all your business and personal messages and conversations in one place. Without leaving the Hub, check your agenda and see who you’re meeting with. You can respond from one place too, eliminating the need to go in and out of different apps. With BlackBerry 10, keeping on top of things, collaborating and sharing are all seamless and each action flows logically to the next, allowing you to move quickly, easily and effortlessly through the task at hand.

BlackBerry Flow & Peek – lets you quickly access and manage everything in your world. Messages, social updates, app notifications and more. BlackBerry 10 breaks down the barriers with a totally integrated seamless experience. And that means you can get more done, faster and smarter with every touch unlike any other mobile experience. Everything is always at your fingertips