Interview with a drug Cartel Boss girlfriend “Yovanna Guzman”

Wow,who knew drug  money and bling can get you a beautiful woman and former beauty queen. But there are pitfalls to being a cartel boss’s girlfriend. Like being shot in the leg when he grows tired of you. “Now that’s rough”.

For eight years she was the lover of one of Colombia’s most ruthless cocaine trafficker, Wilber Varela. He was head of the North Valle Cartel.

“He had two faces. I saw him so tender with the ones he loved, then you see the cartel killings. He always said he was the best of friends and the worst of enemies,” Guzman told me during an interview in Bogota. Video Watch Guzman describe Varela and how she met him »

The Colombian government accused Varela of running tonnes of cocaine to the United States via Central America in go-fast speed boats and to Europe in small jets.

Authorities put a $5 million bounty on his head. He gained a reputation for brutality during a years-long dispute with a splinter faction of the same cartel, led by Diego Montoya, who until his capture in 2007 was listed alongside Osama bin Laden on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List.

Guzman was just 19 when she met Varela. He told her he was a cattle rancher. She didn’t ask questions and says she only found out the truth when she saw a police Wanted poster with her boyfriend’s mugshot.

He wooed her with expensive gifts and sponsored her through “Chica Med,” a second-rate beauty pageant organizers now concede was viewed as a cattle market by gangsters looking for new girls. Some mob bosses bought the beauty title as a gift for their molls though it’s not clear whether Varela paid for Guzman’s title.

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2 responses to “Interview with a drug Cartel Boss girlfriend “Yovanna Guzman””

  1. Carmen Mills Avatar
    Carmen Mills

    Is THIS sordid little tale supposed to be NEWS? And of the type to feature on CNN’s lead-story online?

    If CNN is unclear as to whether its mandate is that of a quasi-publisher of sleazy tell-all novels, or a reputable, self-designated “Leader” in news, then perhaps it needs to clear this up in its own mind – first, and then make it equally clear to its disgusted audience.

    In the interim, may I suggest that the reporter who thought this bit of nonsense was “news”, ought to be assigned to walk around behind RSPCA personnel, cleaning up dog poop from off the street! THEN, perhaps, they would get a better insight as to what is Story and what is merely Sh–.

  2. Carmen, this is part of a series on drug cartels that CNN has been doing to show the different aspects of a very dangerous situation that many americans either tend to ignore, know little about, or simply do not understand. These are our neighbors and the situation has been spilling over into our own back yards for years.
    Yes maybe it’s easy for people like you to simply dismiss ALL the people who become involved with cartels in one way or another as bad people, but part of trying to solve the problem is to understand it and how and why people end up becoming involved in the first place.
    You think they all just woke up one day and decided to become involved with people who are responsible for running drugs and killing people just for the heck of it? Do you think it was this woman’s INTENTION to become involved with a drug lord? Do you really know what her other options were? It’s not like she’s bragging about her choices, she’s trying to bring awareness of an all too common issue going on in her country and is trying to use her story to warn others of the perils of being “blinded by the bling.”
    Yesterday, it was a story on the hitmen hired by the carteleros and how they ended up pretty much being dragged into it as a means of survival. It even gave the perspective of their mothers.
    I think insight into lifestyles and cultures we know little about is relavent news. Reporting on it doesn’t condone this behavior – it simply helps to reveal the over-all complexity of the situation in which they are involved.
    I live geographically close to an area that is affected by cartels and appreciate that CNN is trying to shed some light on what we are dealing with here. You’d be surprised how far corruption in OUR OWN country has gone due to drug cartel influences.

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