Intel’s Family of All-in-One has something for everyone


The traditional desktop PC has evolved from the cumbersome tower that people like me still love to build to something much sleeks, lighter and more accessible with All-in-One PC. Intel hosted an event at the Candy bar in NYC  that helped illustrate the range of products it supports in the All-in-One category. Ranging from powerful A.I.O like the Dell XPS 18 that can be a work horse, to Lenovo’s Horizon 2 a 27″ touch screen A.I.O that can transform and lay flat on a table to become a multitouch surface for your games and interactive  educational tools.  It was great to walk around and watch kids intuitive jump in to a game or easily navigate the All-in-One’s use. Showcasing the versatility and range these computers have and the flex it the latest Intel chipset provides in its use. You even have a few A.I.O that have built-in batteries that allowed for the unit to be moved around the home. either from room to room , or placed flat on the center table in the house when guest come in for game night.

There are many of those who claim the PC market is dead, but looking at the array of Intel powered desktop A.I.O and different use scenarios. I say the market has opened up to more user-friendly opportunities for everyone.