Inpofi Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless charging kit review

Inpofi Wireless Charging case-16 Inopfi (Invisible Power Field) is made by Kirk H&J and is a wireless charging system. It is available for iPhone, Samsung SG3 and SG4, and is as easy to use as just setting down your phone. I love the convenience!!!  Included in the packaging is an extremely flat charging pad, USB cable, and wall adapter, and flip cover for your device. The charging pad is a silver brushed metal texture. The actual cover has a plastic back and satin, textured front, and are available in white, blue, and black. Two important features that should stand out for those concerned with technology output would be 1. The lack of EMR. Inpofi advertises on their packaging that the wireless charging system doesn’t emit electromagnetic radiation 2. no heat emission, so your phone isn’t getting HOT.

You have multiple power supply options. The usb can connect to via USB to charge, or use the wall adapter for a standard wall charge. With the SG3 drained completely, the iNPOFi took just over 3 hours to charge to 100%. Once you plug in the charging pad, the red indicator lights up. Then when you place your phone on the pad, soft white indicators light up on the charging pad, and your phone will beep just as if you plugged it into a standard charger. The iNPOFI system however, is not compatible with Qi-technology accessories. So this charging pad will not be compatible with a different with a case from a different system. The only other disadvantage is that since the wireless capability is built into the CASE and not the smartphone, you can’t interchange accessories if you have other cases that you like to use. But these cases are simple and classy enough to suit everyone. Despite these, the wireless charging is convenient and should do very well.