In-depth hands on of FXI Cotton Candy with CEO Borgar Ljosland

The FXI Cotton Candy is a USB stick sized computer that provides a single, secure point of access to a user’s personal cloud services and apps through their favorite operating system, while delivering a consistent experience on any screen.  The device serves as a companion to smartphones, tablets, and notebook PCs and Macs, as well adds smart capabilities to existing displays, TVs, set top boxes and other media that supports USB mass storage.

Cotton Candy packs the most computing performance into the smallest size and is the only microcomputer that can be used with laptop and PC screens as well as HDMI displays and TVs.  It’s patented any screen architecture combined with its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities and support for both open source Linux or Android operating systems, makes the device ideal for providing a completely uniform computing experience across the world of screens.

We sat down with FXI Tech CEO Borgar Ljosland, who was kind enough to give us an in-depth looks at the changes to cotton Candy that has transpired in the last year. Detailing some of the physical changes to the design as well as some of the technological changes that has been applied to the product.

HD computing on any screen
Most computing power per cubic inch
Quad-Core ARM ® Mali™ 400MP GPU
Duel core ARM ® Cortex ™ A9 1.2 GHz CPU
1 GB DRAM + Up to 64 GB local storage
Takes control of any USB or HDMI device
Interfaces with any USB/Bluetooth peripherals
Connects to Internet via WiFi
Supports all major operating systems and device environments
Patented any screen technology
Extremely low power
Patented security features
Mobile components, PC performance