iLUV ReF Fashionology Headphones Review

 iLuv ReF Fashionlog Headphones-16As I venture into the world of headsets, I have to find something interesting and eye-catching. The  bright red choice is just perfect. I like the design. It is simple but fun. The canvas exterior comes in 8 colors: black, navy, red, white, and then bright colors for Spring 2013: yellow, blue, green, and orange. The ear cups are made of soft “Korean protein” leather for comfort.

Now let’s discuss performance. I have been using the ReF headset for a week straight for hours at a time at work. They did a great job of noise cancellation. The ear cups were definitely comfortable, and I was able to tune out and ignore all of the outside voice distractions, and just chill to my playlists. There was some residual sound that you could hear from the headset, but not much. Not to mention that you shouldn’t raise the volume that high or get scolded for hurting your ear drums.  For voice call quality however, it could use some improvement. I could hear the caller fine on my end, but I sounded far away to their end. For convenience,  there are two versions, one for apple devices, and one for all other smartphones, so no need for special iPhone media control attachments. The retail price for this model is $129.99. For those who don’t want to mess up their hair with on-ear headphones, there are earphone versions as well, coming in the same range of colors for $79.99.



Speaker driver: Supra aural, sealed; deep bass Titanium speaker

Diameter: 40mm

Magnet: NdFeB

Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 KHz

Impedance: 32ohm

Maximum input: 200mW

Sensitivity: 114dB

Plug: 3.5mm/Gold-plated ‘L’

Cord: Braided fabric 1.2 meter cord


Overall I enjoyed using the ReF model. Music wise, this is a great headset, but not necessarily for those who will depend on it for calls.