iLuv MobiAir Galaxy SIII Bluetooth Speaker Dock Review

IMAG0559 The iLuv MobiAir is a desktop Bluetooth speaker dock for you Samsung Galaxy SIII or Android device, that allows you to no t only play music but got hands-free on voice calls. The MobiAir comes equipped with myBot robotic arms that easily adjust and secure any smartphone in the dock, whether in landscape or portrait mode position. The sliding micro-USB port not only cradles your smartphone but it also doubles as a charging connection. The iLuv MobiAir is simple to use and set up. you have got controls on the top of the dock for Bluetooth sync, playback controls, Call answer. The Micro-USB dock is strictly for charging though you can connect you device to the speakers via Bluetooth or through a aux in port at the rear of the device. Bluetooth sync is a breeze and the music playback buttons work well. The sound quality of the speaker dock is solid, though be warned that these speakers are not meant for loud jam sessions. But you do get very good sound output either listening to music or making phone calls. In all the iLuv MobiAir Galaxy SIII Bluetooth Speaker Dock is a solid piece of hard ware and a good buy priced at $119.99

– Bluetooth profile lets you stream music from most smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled device

– Sliding micro-USB allows charging connection for most smartphones

– myBot robotic arms secure your smartphone in the dock

– Watch YouTube videos, movies, run apps, and play games while docked

– Play music from your smartphone with stereo sound

– Built with dynamic acoustic speaker chambers to enhance sound clarity

– Powerful amplifiers provide better efficiency and performance

What is included

– AC Adapter

– Quick Start Guide (QSG)

– Warranty Card


– Dimension (W x H x D): 250mm x 120mm x 50mm

– Power requirement: AC 100V ~ 240V 60/50 Hz Adapter
– Built in speaker: 2 inch x 2 EA
– External firmware software upgrade