iLuv Dungarees Case for New iPad- Review


[ad#ad-1] The iLuv Dungarees Case is styled like a pair of quality denim jeans. It has a very soft relaxed feel to it. It allows you to slip your new iPad into the case with ease. The Dungarees Portfolio Jacket surrounds your iPad in micro-suede comfort protecting it from scratches and scrapes while the rugged exterior protects it from drops and bumps. It also folds out neatly to provide landscape viewing or on-screen typing comfort. It has also got an elastic closure, which is both stylish and functional keeping your iPad securely inside the case when closed. After all, the best way to protect your iPad from what’s outside it to keep it securely inside. All ports and controls are easily accessible while your iPad is in the case ensuring full functionality while bringing practical, durable style along the way. What’s more, the speaker on the iPad is fully audible through mesh finish in the case design.


Slim portfolio jacket fashionably protects your new iPad from dents and scratches

– Micro suede interior provides gentle cushion for extra protection

– Attractive denim design cover doubles as a stand for typing

– Elastic clasp secures while providing easy access to your iPad

For $49.99 the Dungarees New iPad Case from iLuv

I really liked the Denim Jean feel of the Dungaree iLuv Case.  It felt smooth, soft and good. All ports were easily accessible and most of all it looked stylish and cool; plus the simple elastic hook used for the case look is simple and easy. Yes it has some serious cool Point. I can easily recommend this case to anyone who is looking for something stylish and comfortable that doesn’t turn their iPad into a massive brick case


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