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I Saw Star Trek on IMAX….. Sort of a Review


Ok I am not going to waste your time here, we have all seen  and heard the reviews for this flick. The new star trek movie is fun and awesome. I dare say , I think it is a better and funner ( not a real word) than Iron Man which I loved .

Back to the main point of this post, the best way to enjoy this movie is at a local IMAX theater. Seriously all action, Sci Fi, Animated and seriously cool movies have to be displayed on an IMAX screens. I hope the box office sales that this movie broke on IMAX will continue to show studio execs that customers are willing to pay a little extra for that extra experience.

I saw the movie at a local Jordan IMAX theater, which had 12,000 watts of sound and sub-woofers under my bum to give that extra bass feel, that this movie required. Did I mention the screen and how gorgeous it made the Enterprise look. Vivid, crisp and clear.  The way you would want to see a Sci Fi movie, a space ship, CGI and heck the matrix.

WB, can you tell me why Terminator Salvation is not on IMAX? I mean Batman: Dark Knight broke IMAX box-office records. You would think it would be wise to have this on IMAX. Also Disney, if I were you, best put up on IMAX in 3D. I saw Beowulf on IMAX 3d. Say what you want about the movies quality in the storyline compartment; but damn it was fun to watch that on an IMAX screen it all looked vivid and right there in front of me.

In all, if you get the opportunity to see Star Trek before it leaves the theaters, see it in IMAX. Also any damn good action movie that comes out on IMAX screen. best see it there too. You guy definetley know I wil be watching Transformers: Rise of the Fallen on IMAX to enjoy my robot on robot action. But for now as spock would say “Live long and prosper”.

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