HyperX Cloud gaming Headset Review

HyperX Cloud-11 The HyperX Cloud is the first gaming headset from a company that isn’t know for its gaming audio prowess. That been said, HyperX ( a division of Kingston), has really come out swing with a well speced headset. The HyperX Cloud uses memory foam ear cushions and a soft, leather-padded headband with custom stitching for enhanced comfort and style. The over-the-ear, closed-cup design helps block out ambient noise for a more immerse game experience. Interchangeable velour ear cushions allow gamers to hear their surroundings while also delivering dialogue and every explosion and gunfire in clear, high-fidelity audio from the large 53mm drivers. HyperX Cloud also features a detachable microphone and is made of aluminum for durability. 

The HyperX Cloud is compatible with every gaming system you currently own as well as smartphone and we even plugged it into our Sony FDR-AX100 and it worked well with it. the there is the audio. Good lord, the audio is awesome, you can hear every explosion sound and pin drop with ease. plus the audio  experience is uniform across all platforms. I have to say for a $99 pair of headphones, you really can’t go wrng and this puts the Hyper X Cloud as my best pair of sub $100 headphones to own. Got get yours now right here