Huawei Mate 9 Review: “Sexy Beast”

“Sexy beast” is my new nickname for the Huawei Mate 9. Many features are the same as its predecessor Mate 8, but the updates and improvements are so much fun. In particular I’ve been playing with the GSM model, but is reported to be released on all us wireless providers. Technically, it is quite fast with a Kirin 960 Octa Core processor, on Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.0 software. The highlight of the new processor is its “Learning Machine” capability, anticipating your habits and next move on the device as opposed to the cloud. As with their other models, the Mate 9 has a Dual Sim tray, for either two SIM cards, or one SIM and one Micro SD card. What is very helpful is the Dual SIM management, where you can set preferences on how the two SIM’s perform for your two phone numbers or network.
The brushed metal housing and curved glass edges make the 5.9 display device still easy to handle despite its size. At only .9mm thick it beautifully designed with sculpted edges and curved backing. Battery capacity is 4000 mAh and has done very well so far. To further the improvement in battery, the Mate 9 has additional battery precautions. “Super Charge” allows the system to adapt and lower the voltage and ups the current to conserve drain. Dynamic charge is in place to protect your battery from overheating by adapting to your charging source.

The camera deserves its own chat. The front facing camera is 8MP, but the rear has the dual Leica lens with 20MP black and white and 12MP color. These allow for a whole slew of features including Splash, and a crazy amount of filters. Navigating from the camera is a breeze. The left swipe bar gives you many icons such as beauty, beauty video, document scan, panoramic, slow-mo, time lapse. The right swipe bar gives you resolution, lighting options, and more including my favorite the Perfect Selfie. With a few calibration shots, you can then customize feature changes including teeth whitening, face thinning, widening eyes, and more. YOu can then easily adjust the level of the change, and create your own Snapchat-esque goofy photos. Then for the real pros, simply swipe upward and you can change to “Pro-mode” for camera adjustments. Video recording is 4K H.265 Compression and has its own suite of features. I used the ND filter to record Ms Weezie the snake under her red lamp, and the detail was fabulous.
The bottom line is that I find no real drawbacks to the Mate 9 and lots of improvements, including the price. Most sites have it listed at $599 retail, so this Sexy Beast should do very well!!
Full metal jacket
156.9×78.9×7.9 millimetres (6.17×3.1×0.3 inches)
190 grams (6.7 ounces)
USB-C charging port
64GB storage and 4GB RAM
Dual Sim card tray
MicroSD card slot
Included accessories: Sim tool, wall charger, USB-C cable, USB-C to Micro USB adapter, earbuds, matte case, manual.
Available colors: Space Gray, Moonlight SIlver, Champagne Gold, Mocha Brown, and Ceramic White.
Sensors: Fingerprint Sensor, G-Sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Compass, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity sensor, Hall sensor, Barometer, IR