HTC Titian II Review- worth the 16Megapixels?

20120406_141555[ad#ad-1]The HTC Titian II is the LTE successor to last years popular Titan released on AT&T. The Titan II is a 4G LTE smartphone and the second Windows 4G LTE device on the AT&T network, it sports a massive 4.7 inch Super LCD display, 1.5 GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera and Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. The other massive distinctive factor is the 16 megapixel camera with dual LED flash that records at 720p. Software-wise the camera has so distinctive additives that can be found on HTC’s Android devices. it should be interesting to see how well the camera fares. HTC Titan II will retail for $199 with a 2year contract on the network, which is a bit high consider the Nokia Lumia 900 retails for $99 on the network and is considered a top tier device

The hardware feels solid, and its got a nice brushed aluminum finish to it, the button of the device brings back the old curve lip, which is also nice. The battery is not removable but you have got a nice removable cover to add your sim card. It is on the slightly heavier side in terms of weight but it solid in your hands. It a well built piece of hardware





16 Megapixel Camera  Camera

The Titan Ii is equipped with a behemoth of a camera at 16 megapixel which is limited to recording at 720p ( Microsoft change this). The very cool and interesting aspects of the camera are the camera setting. HTC has applied some of its camera knowledge from Android into the Titan II.  You have Panorama shots, Burst Shot ( 5 images only), Scene selection for up to 18 scenes, will an Auto and intelligent Auto setting. To aid in crafted the best possible photo. 10 different filter effects, , Face detection, White Balance, Brightness, contrast, Saturation, , Sharpness and ISo controls. You also have Red Eye Reduction and Image stabilization. All these features can be found with the image as well as video records.

You would think this would mean that the image and video quality are stellar. In terms of video, the audio quality is not got, choppy and slightly distorted. The video image it self is ok. Decent at that rate. As far as images are concerned. Its good but not earth shattering especially with a 16MP lens. Plus it only takes pictures in 4:3 aspect ratio. So no wide screen shots.


Burst Shot



Panorama Shot





The HTC Titian Ii has a lot of redeeming quality, its got some very fast 4G LTE speeds, Battery life is also very good on the device, with close to 24hrs of battery use. in my test. Very good voice calls and music playback, though headphones as well as the system speakers. That being said the main draws to the device is the 16 megapixel camera and that doesn’t live up to the billing. grants it is not a bad camera by any means. and it does have the best camera customization on any windows phone device. The quality of video and audio of the camera’s recording left a lot to be desire.

The HTC Titan Ii is a good phone and has some solid quality but it isn’t worth the $199 price point with a 2 year contract been currently offered.


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