HTC Status Review- The Facebook Phone



The HTC Status is the long awaited Facebook phone from HTC on the AT&T network. The Status is an Android Powered smartphone running Android 2.3.3 on a Sense UI overlay; with a 2.6” touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard. This candybar smartphone comes with its own dedicated Facebook button, that allows the user to instantly connect and upload directly to face book, be it pictures(5MP rear Camera) or wall posting.

The HTC Status phone is great for all of you avid Facebook users out there. For the week that I had it I could not stop using it. The easy access Facebook button makes taking pictures and posting photos and statuses on Facebook a piece of cake. Facebook is not the only novelty that the phone has. With both a touch screen and keypad on the same surface this phone has all the modern amenities people look for in a phone. The touch screen also turns as you turn the phone never straining your view of whatever you are doing.




Texting and messaging are easily done and with Facebook synced up to the phone you never have to wait for your next log in to get messages and updates for friends. On the down side the memory on this phone is easily filled. If you do not delete your text messages you may end up with not enough room for the apps you may want to download. The amount of memory found on the phone leaves much to be desired. However if a person is an avid Facebook user and a social network user this is the phone for you!