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HTC Rhyme Review- phone with useful accessories

The HTC Review is an Android smartphone geared towards the female audience, available on the Verizon network. This is a device that allows you to jump in and out to the part of the phone you need or use. But before that here is a quick run down of the specs of the HTC Rhyme for the tech happy.  The HTC Rhyme sports a 3.7 inch screen, running Android 2.3.4 with the new HTC Sense UI 3.5 ( which we will get into some awesome features), a 5 megapixel rear camera  with flash and 8GB of internal storage; all powered by a 1Ghz processor.

What really makes the HTC Rhyme shine is it accessory assortment; a charging cradle, a charm indicator, stereo headphone with adjustable ear buds.  The chime is a single piece  that plugs into your headphone jack and notifies you with a small light flash that you have either received a text message, email, or call. It can be a discrete tool to use during situations where your phone needs to be on silent. i.e meeting, at the movies or just to notify if you don’t hear the message or call come in. The Desktop cradle is such an easier way to charge your device and still use it and the stereo headphones, work great with awesome sound and changeable ear pieces to fit any ear size.


Sample camera pics



The HTC Rhyme is a slick and simple device, I like the ease of social media integration, great camera for taking pics and recording video. Great collection of accessories that give the user more out of the box and added to the value of the device. The one downside is the lack of 4G LTE, but for now I can survive without it. I liked the HTC Rhyme and I think it great device with great accessories to boot. Plus you can’t go wrong with plum.


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