HTC RE Hands-on

SAMSUNG CSC THe HTC RE is a viewfinderless camera from HTC, what you have here is a remarkable little camera, RE applies HTC’s innovative touch and stunning design philosophy to break into a completely new product category and reinvent photography to suit current and future trends. The HTC RE has  a 146 degree field of view, supports ISO standard tripod mount.  Has a chrome button that actuates the shutter for photos  with a press and long press for videos. There is a companion App that can be used with the RE that will be avialble for Android & iOS. Yes Apple fans HTC doesn’t want you to miss out on the RE. Mobile App for remote control options. Has a MicroSD card comes with 8GB card goes to up to 128GB. Will retail for $199. Waterproof up to IPX7 rating up to 1 meter for 30mins. Weighs 66g . This is an everyday lifestyle.

Hands-on Video

Comes with a 16 MP camera, digital image stabilization, with a 800mAH battery, front button captures at 80fps aka 4X slow-mo. at 720p. Also can record time-lapse. Can capture in normal view or ultra-wide fish eye view.  Camera app has integration with Zoe.  Camera connects via Wifi direct. No Power key, camera has capacitive touch. Which instantly turns the camera on and you can take an image in less than a sec. So if you have gloves you can still press the camera button. Camera app called RE camera.  Can auto-backup to phone or cloud.

RE will initially launch in the US at and Best Buy, and in time for the holidays at, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.