HTC One X Camera – Review & Tips

Zero Shutter Lag 8 Megapixel Camera

IMAG0131 The HTC One X has an 8 Megapixel camera with a F2.2 lens at 28mm.  It has several qualities and features that we describe in-depth in our camera review below, with one key feature being its zero shutter lag.  It has the ability to take photos while recording video at the same time, plus you can take photos off your videos. The camera has a plethora of settings including image resolution, Video quality, Image adjustments, ISO, White balance, and an Auto upload feature, which you can link to your dropbox.

You also have camera scene, which HTC perfected on the Amaze 4G, as well as these features: Auto, HDR, Panorama, Portrait, Group Portrait, Landscape, Whiteboard, Close up (marco) and Low Light. Plus you have a full complement of filters you can change on the fly while taking a picture (Instagram fans). There is also better audio and video quality with the camera, which is something that had I was missing from HTC devices in awhile.  In all, the combination of Software and Hardware make the HTC One X camera on of the best on the market.

Sample Pics





Continuous Shot

IMAG0004 - CopyIMAG0004IMAG0002IMAG0003



Auto Shots