HTC 10 Review [Video]

HTC 10 review

We take an in-depth look at the new HTC 10 smartphone in our full review. How good is the camera? Does it still have BoomSound? Is the built-in DAC up to par?  Has HTC stepped up their game? All those and more are answered in this in-depth video review. For spec lovers the HTC 10 packs and matches the latest in spec for a high-end device

5.2 Super LCD 2K Display

Snapdragon 820/4GB Ram

32GB/64GB Storage

MicroSD up 200GB

24 Bit DAC built-in [Hi Res Audio]

Fingerprint scanner

USB-C with fast charging 3.0

3,000mAh Battery

Price $700

Now let jump in to the video review below