How to build AMD APU System

IMAG0341 Hi all, here is our AMD APU system build. I would like to thank AMD, Fractal design, Kingston and Antec for helping provide parts for this build. The whole idea of this build, is to show how easy it is to build and AMD APU system and subsequent video will showcase how easy it is to overclock and game on an APU.  The video takes a look at the parts needed and how to fully assmeble an AMD APU system. The system parts are listed below with a PcPartPicker link to show you the best possible price for the parts needed for the build. So sit back relax and enjoy the build


System parts

AMD A8-3870k APU
Gigabyte A75-UD4H
Fractal Design Arc Midi case
Kingston 120GB Hyper X SSD
750 Western Digital HDD
Antec HCG-620 Power Supply
Kingston Hyperx 16GB 1866mhz RAM
Zalman CPU Fan FM-1-