How to Build a $600 4K & VR Gaming Machine


Gaming PC’s don’t have to be super expensive or difficult to build, heck you don’t have to spend more than $600 to build your self on that can handle VR & 4K. I was challenged by my buddy Kevin the Tech Ninja in a build-off for a budget build.

I will be using an AMD quad-core process, as well as the RX480 GPU from AMD. There are a few added accessories to the build that are optional. Take a look at the video below for steps to build your $600 4K & VR Rig.

Build Parts

MSI RX480:

Thermaltake V21:

AMD FX8370:

HyperX Fury:

Kingston UV 400:

Evga 430:

Oculus Rift:

Gigabyte Motherboard:

Optional Lighting: