How Nokia should move forward with Lumia 820 & 920- Advertising

Capture 2 Nokia announced the Lumia 820 & 920 about a month ago as their Windows phone 8 launch devices. Since then Apple has announced and released the iPhone 5. HTC has announced its Windows Phone 8 devices, which are to be considered the official Windows 8 devices and honestly look like Lumia Clones. So Nokia is faced with a situation where the Windows Phone ecosystem is growing with competition and its external competitors have devices already on the market. With no set release date in sight (Thank you Microsoft). What should Nokia do moving forward?

Kick things into High Gear

With the launch of the iPhone 5 and its many mishaps, Nokia has slowly started showing people the clear differentiating with it products, but before they kick it into high gear, there are a few key set that Nokia must have in place for a successful push of the Lumia 820 & 920

Available on all Carriers

I can not stress this enough; people don’t switch carriers anymore on a high rate cause of  a device. People buy the best devices on their carrier. That is why Nokia needs to ensure that the have their Hero Device available on every single carriers. Meaning the Lumia 920 needs to be on AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile & Sprint. To ensure the Lumia 920 will reach the maximum amount of individuals possible. The Lumia 820 cane released on select carriers as well has prepaid networks to expand the reach of Lumia line within the US market


One of the most important parts of a devices success it its advertising push and to this end Nokia must embark on a campaign that sets its Brand and Devices apart from competition within and external of the Windows Phone ecosystem. I am going to suggest four major ad blocks for its Lumia 920 line and two major blocks for its 820 Lumia device. Taking into account its competition, branding, and current market position.

Lumina 920 four Ad Blocks

Puremotion HD+:-This ad should focus on the Puremotion HD + display not only on its HD prowess but also its really cool ability to be navigated using a pair of gloves. “i.e Ad showing three guys shoveling snow in New England and one mentions the football game is on. Everyone scrambles to grab their distinct smartphones(Mock of other smartphone), trying to take off their gloves or in some cases use their devices with gloves on. Then the Lumia 920 uses grabs his device, swipes unlocks with the gloves on and checks the scores on his ESP app pin to his live title. “ It s is simple and straight forward ad that showcase a simple yet effective feature that the Lumia 920 has above the competition

Pureview camera: Everyone talks about how great a camera their smartphone has. Its is another opportunity for Nokia to clear set a distinct differentiate in a Pureview camera ad. “i.e its girls night out at a concert, everyone is having fun taking photos. Which are come out dark or blurry. The lady with the Lumia 920 takes a bunch of shots in low light the look fantastic and records a video while jumping up and down listening to music” This would be another way to highlight the benefits of the Lumia 920

Wireless charging & NFC: Being  the first hero device to come with wireless charging standard, and it is important that Nokia stress this fact. Here you can event take a swipe at the iPhone 5 and its new dock. “i.e Guy runs in the door announces to his friend, I just got the latest smartphone, really cool and its got a new dock- then his roommate proceeds to remind him that his new phone won’t work with his old charging dock. Roommate with new phone proceeds to tell him he is jealous. The he pulls out his Lumia 920 taps his JBL speakers music slow starts playing and he places the smartphone on the speakers to charge. Roommate with new smartphone looks stunned and he says NFC play back oh and wireless charging.” Another way to clearly show differentiation for the device and brand.

Maps:- This is one Nokia can really hammer home, considering they own Navteq, which is used by the military, Amazon and by all Windows Phone. “i.e This is simple hammer home the fact that Nokia Maps powers all that I have mention and also has online maps. But if you really want to showcase its use. Make and ad with 4 friends ( same ones in the cold football ad) which each having their own different smartphones. Travel to internationally. All looking for direction with Nokia Lumia 920 providing them with the only turn by turn directions in that Country”.

Lumia 820 AD blocks

This is a very simple play, Nokia has to highlight the key feature of the Lumia 820 to attract customers who may think this is a gimped version of the Lumia 920.

Nokia Music:- Nokia offer a free music streaming service that allows consumers to stream music from a suite of over 150 exclusive playlists that are curated and kept up to date by an expert team of US-based musicologists. Tying this to the Lumia 820  will help leverage the devices smaller storage capacity to a services that provides you music on the go where ever you are.

Replaceable Covers:- One of the key features with the Lumia 820 is full replaceable back covers, unlike its predecessor the Lumia 710 the 820 has functional back covers, consumers can get a rugged cover, Wireless charging cover or a different color. Making an ad to highlight this will be important in driving consumers to the 820

Maps:- can’t over stress this point

It may seem Nokia has  along way to go in winning the US market and gaining ground in the smartphone race. Yes  I think my ideas here will help Nokia immensely but it’s no sure guarantee, and it all comes down to execution and timing. We have clear indication the Lumia 920 will be hitting AT&T on Nov 2 which gives them a little over a month to get things rolling. Lets hope Nokia kicks things into high gear and we see the Lumia series to prominence in the smartphone battle space


Reader Addition

Josh Rushworth-  Nokia needs to present the Lumia phones as durable. They need to be shown as so beautiful you wouldn’t want, and don’t need to cover them up with a case. The iPhone4S was fragile, and the iPhone5 is proving to be extremely scratch prone. Nokia needs to answer the question: “What is the point of buying a superthin phone if you’re only going to wrap it in an ugly case?”