Following its introduction at NAMM 2016, the DJUCED team today announces a built-in sample pack editor, expanding the functionality of the DJUCED 40° DJ software. As of April 6th, the updated software will be available for download and updates containing the new feature will be supplied to current users.

“In addition to our passion for music, our team of engineers has a commitment to listen to the DJ community and to offer new functionality based on users’ expectations,” said Stephane Bellanger, Development Manager for DJUCED. “Until now, we’ve allowed users to create samples on the fly, using simple drag & drop controls. Our new sample pack editor allows users to invent their own sample packs in just a few clicks, without restrictions.”

While the software’s simplicity has not changed, its concept has been reworked, allowing for the creation of sample packs. After dragging & dropping samples, users only need to assign three criteria; a name used to easily locate samples; the sample’s BPM to highlight its tempo; and a user-defined color to act as a visual reminder of the sample’s genre, relative BPM or other customized function. 

This new tool provides a host of new possibilities; it is suited to both new users, who can build samples from their favorite songs, and to more experienced musicians, who can create their own samples using Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software. 

Staying true to the DJUCED team’s philosophy of music creation and performance as well as helping users apply creativity and intuitiveness to their music, the new functionality avoids raising technical barriers, while offering the simplest possible use in order to foster creativity. These include not limiting source material, requiring only three steps to save samples and providing an infinite number of possibilities. 

DJUCED 40°, version 3.1.2, including sample pack editor, will be available for download on April 6th