H& R Block Billonback Records: Music, Fun, Prizes

BBRAnnounce ‘This post has been sponsored by “H&R Block”, but concerns our own opinion”

It already close to April 18 the end of tax season and even if this wasn’t a sponsored post, you will have to file you taxes, so why not give H & R block a try! I used to be like you, filling my taxes on my own; it was simple and easy. Then things suddenly got more complicated as I grew older, dabbled into more ventures with more  expenses, deductions and more. It can get complicated really fast, so why not have someone who is a professional and does this for a living to do you and help you get back more.

Now the real reason I am writing about this is that H&R Block, aka the tax guys, in order to celebrate helping millions of Americans getting billions of dollars back, they’ve now launched a record label – Billion Back Records – which launches a new single from week from 10 amateur artist. Plus you get to win cool prizes, like concert tickets, headphones and more. All you have to do is share a tweet.


The first song and video is live ! Watch Clara Chung’s video“Things Untold.”

Follow H&R Block  on twitter and tweet using #billionbackrecords to participate in the content – prizes include concert tickets, speakers and even a gold-plated iPad! (official rules here)


The participating artists are:

Billion Back Records  http://unr.ly/1nFY79Y
H&R Block website  http://unr.ly/1nFYa5P
Billion Back Records official rules  http://unr.ly/P0V6BD
Clara Chung – Things Untold  http://unr.ly/P0V4ts
H&R Twitter  http://unr.ly/P0V4tu
Pomplamoose  http://unr.ly/P0V6BF
Dia Frampton  http://unr.ly/P0V6BI
Julia Sheer  http://unr.ly/P0V6BL
Clara Chung  http://unr.ly/P0V4tx
Joey Graceffa  http://unr.ly/P0V6BR
Meghan Camerena  http://unr.ly/P0V6S5
Joe Hertler  http://unr.ly/P0V4tJ


This post has been sponsored by “H&R Block”, but concerns our own opinion”