GT Omega Pro Racing Office Chair Review


The hype for Gaming Chairs has never been something I understood until I finally was able to review one myself. For over two months I have been using the GT Omega Pro Racing Office Chair and I can now understand why a myriad of people want one.

My initial impressions when unboxing this chair was how well built it actually is. It is built from a metal construction and you will definitely notice this due to how heavy it is when assembling it. The arm rests are made out plastic however they don’t feel flimsy at all and are actually quite solid, they are rotatable and the height of them can be adjusted to your liking, just like the actual chair. The chair looks very similar to something out of a modern sports car and you can definitely see the resemblance from behind and this is something that I personally like. GTOmega also includes a lumbar support cushion which honestly is really comfortable and the chair feels incomplete without it. On the other hand there is an additional cushion which is intended as a head rest however I found it doesn’t give you the correct posture when placed on the chair and that it doesn’t add any extra comfort.

Talking about comfort, admittedly I had high hopes for the chair to be extremely comfortable while providing some extra features. I briefly found that the chair is more on the firm side and although it has padding it isn’t as soft as expected, meaning for someone that needs a firm chair that could provide a good posture then this is a decent option. By far my favorite feature about the chair is the ability to angle the chair at a lower position allowing you to relax and lie down almost horizontally. This was mainly used when I was consuming media and I can see this feature being used by the casual gamer. If you have any doubts about the GT Omega Chair tilting back, it has a max load capacity of up to 120KG or 264 Pounds which is outstanding for this sort of chair.

The little features on this chair make it that much more premium. The arm rests are height adjustable and are also rotatable. Whenever I need some extra space in my room I lower the arm rests and tuck the chair in under my desk which cleared up a lot of space in my room and you don’t really notice the difference until you have tried it. They also nailed the branding on the chair as it is not bombarded with GTOmega branding rather it has some subtle stitching on the top part of the chair which looks sleek.

The GT Omega Pro Racing Office Chair costs $259.95 which is a bit on the pricy side, however what you are paying for is a sleek looking chair that offers premium comfort and many features including being able to choose from a wide selection of colors to match any setup. With that being said this chair is for Video Editors, Gamers or anyone that spends a substantial amount of time on their chair and needs something that will last.