Google’s Wellness Salon!


February is Heart Health Awareness Month. To help inspire you to listen to your heart, here are the top tools and features across Pixel Watch 2 and Charge 6. 

  • Take a beat
    • Pixel Watch 2 features a brand new multi-path LED sensor and redesigned ML algorithm that delivers 40% more accurate heart rate during vigorous activities like HIIT, spinning and rowing.
    • Charge 6 has our most accurate heart rate on a tracker yet, with up to 60% more accurate readings during vigorous activities like HIIT, spinning and rowing.
  • Upgrade your workout
    • Get your most efficient workout yet with Pace Training and Heart Zone Training features on Pixel Watch 2.
    • Wear your Charge 6 to the gym for real-time heart rate streaming on compatible Bluetooth-enabled equipment and fitness apps. 
    • Explore the redesigned Fitbit app to find motivating health and fitness content.
  • Heart health at your fingertips
    • Take an AFib assessment on demand with the ECG app on Pixel Watch 2 and Charge 6, and use irregular heart rhythm notifications to look for signs of AFib while you’re still or sleeping.


Sleep Week kicks off in March, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize a sleep routine now. Here are the top features to get you a better night’s sleep. 

  • Grab sight of your night
    • Wear your Charge 6 or Pixel Watch 2 to bed and learn about the quality of your rest with your Sleep Score. 
    • Gather even more insights, like what could be causing disruptions, are available thanks to the new skin temperature sensor on Pixel Watch 2. 
    • In the morning, open the Fitbit app on your Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro to see the time you spent in light, deep, and REM stages. 
    • Get a deeper monthly analysis from your Sleep Profile with Fitbit Premium.
  • Hey, you up?
    • Dock your Pixel Tablet to unlock Hub Mode, and use it as a smart home controller to create and manage Routines in the Google Home app that make your nighttime routine quick, easy and restful, and your mornings run smoothly. 


Ahead of Stress Awareness Month in April, here are some of the top tools and features to manage your stress levels and body’s stress response.

  • Detect the signs
    • Pinpoint stressful moments with Body Response notifications powered by the new cEDA sensor on Pixel Watch 2, or run a “spot check” of your stress levels with the on-wrist EDA app on Charge 6.
    • Your Stress Management Score in the Fitbit app helps you understand how your heart rate, sleep, and activity levels impact your physiological stress and overall health.
  • Time for an intervention
    • Log how you were feeling and begin to manage stress with an on-wrist EDA sensor mindfulness session on Charge 6.
    • Learn to respond to stress with personalized guided breathing and additional mindfulness sessions in Fitbit Premium.
  • Reflect on your routine
    • Find patterns in your stressors and how you managed them when you review Body Responses, mindfulness activities and Stress Management scores from the week in the Fitbit app.

New from Pixel
From taking your body temperature, to circling that thing you need to search, here are new Pixel features for a minty fresh start to the year. 

  • Feel minty fresh this new year with Pixel’s new Mint colorway
    The newest Pixel 8 and 8 Pro in Mint green is a breath of minty fresh air on a cool spring day, welcoming you into 2024 with renewed excitement. Inspired by the vibrant hue you’d find in nature, our latest colorway is a luminous color that invites the mind into a state of energizing calmness. The Mint color is relevant, and lasting. It’s a color that’s equal parts daring, focused, and optimistic for a fresh new year, and a fresher version of you. Available on the Google Store and with Google Fi in the US, Mint is an especially expressive, unique, and flexible phone color that will mirror your personal style–and pairs well with the recently released Pixel Watch Sage Stretch Band. 
  • Take your temperature with Pixel 8 Pro
    With Pixel 8 Pro’s new medical feature in the Thermometer app you can scan your forehead with your phone to get an accurate body temperature measurement for you or a loved one (this is especially handy for hormone and fertility tracking, or with sick kiddos in the house). You can also easily save your results to your Fitbit profile for an even deeper understanding of your health and wellness. 
  • Search for anything on your phone with a simple gesture

Searching on your Pixel 8 and 8 Pro is getting easier with Circle to Search. Google AI unlocks a new way to search anything on your phone, without needing to switch apps. Just long press the Pixel home button or navigation bar and circle, highlight, scribble or tap what you see to get more information from Search, right where you are. Use it to find what clothes a creator wore in a workout video or get extra help with a tough yoga move.