Google Voice to take on Skype


Well we knew this was bound to happen, as Google attempts to take over the world and become the new AT&T of the new century.  Though not official, reports for BGR states that Google has bought Gizmo5 for $30million in cash.

The deal brings a true SIP/VoIP provider into the Google fold — the potential to merge the acquired technology with Google Voice and/or Google Talk is staring us right in the face. Last month there were rumors that perhaps Skype, due to legal issues with its own VoIP technology, might purchase Gizmo5 as a backup plan of sorts

This means we will be getting free phone services from Google, yah.  though I am still waiting for the rumors of a free Android phone to come true( remember the rumors of Google offering the phones but it would be subsidized by ads running on your phone). At least things are getting very interesting on the mobile front.

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