Google Nexus 7 Tablet- The Ultimate progression of Android

IMG_4379 The progression of the android operating system has taken a big leap forward with the release of Android 4.0.1 aka Jellybean, although not a full rewrite of the operating system, nor a full OS update from ICS, jellybean does deliver some pivotal changes to the android space.

Most notable of these changes has been dubbed “project butter” by Google. Butter is simply a marketing term used to describe the smoothness of the new OS update. This smoothness is made evident when switching between apps on the multitask pane, or simply sliding through panels on the android desktop or app library. Project butter has made to android code more fluid / clean, with snappy transition effects. Simply handling a device with the aforementioned project butter, users will be blown away at how much improved it is over the previous android iterations.

The second and arguably the most ambitious change Google has delivered with its latest update is the new and improved Google search / Google Now. Not only is this feature a competitor for Apples Siri, Google’s asserts that this new feature will integrate all parts of your life on the web. Google Now will theoretically be able to train itself to suggest alternate routes to work, provide train outage information, game scores and weather information based on your habits. The possibility of this integrated lifestyle search companion might just be the biggest change to the mobile communications arena right now.

To tie this all together, Google has incorporated its new OS into a well built, hand held device in the form of the 7inch nexus 7. At $199 (8GB model) and $249 (16GB model) the cost of entry into the tablet space just got more affordable. And what do you get at this price point; a quad core Tegra 3 1.3Ghz processor, 1GB of ram, a 1.2MP front facing camera, 4325mAh battery for approx. 7-9 hrs. of moderate use and the list goes on. Elegant, powerful and functional the Nexus 7 takes its rightful spot at the top of the Android tablet space. Impressive, no?

With the debut of Jellybean and it new nexus 7 tablet, Google has set the stage for what I believe is the beginning of Android maturing into a true mobile operating system, streamlined from mobile phones, to Tablets, to smart TV boxes and finally to personal computers. The proliferation of Android currently puts Google in almost every market where apple currently competes.