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Google Buzz: Email 3.0 with Evolution of Advertising


Now I don’t calm to be the smartest man in the world( though i think I am). But once we got the announcement yesterday of Google’s latest adventures on the web. My mind rolled back to a job I applied for last year. One of the main question asked was, what will be the next big social media outlet? I said to myself GPS or geo-tagging within apps, software and devices. Needless to say I didn’t get the job and someone sold my idea to Google, ok  maybe not. So instead of my grand idea that got me nothing, we have Google Buzz, a social media setup through your email, that uses many different features include geo-tagging for you to converse, share pictures or anything you want, meet people and expand your social audience.

I mean, its pretty much a social media experience right from you inbox of your email. You can also  use buzz on your Android device and iPhone. But Buzz isn’t just a social media push by Google, it actually is the next true evolution of email. We have all seen how every single major email provided has tried to add features left and right that incorporates your life into your email; Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook  and the list goes no.


What Google is attempting to do here and what I think they have done is create the next step in emails.  This is not like Google’s other beta progrect “Google Wave”, which didn’t take off well and felt like a different services all together. Buzz does things differently as part of you email. it allows you to use that as a platform to reach out and connect, thing of it as a more comfortable form of twitter and Facebook, without the constant updates.

“In a lot of ways this is actually more practical and easier to use than Google wave. The interface isn’t clunky it’s just an icon just underneath the inbox symbol in your Gmail account. You click on the icon and all of your post and links are there. If you had a main website and you wanted everything linked this could be an option if Google makes a few more tweeks because you could make one post to several different accounts at the same time. Imagine how much effort that would save.” (Theracefortech)

It really allows your email to be come more than just email but more of a personal address to the world. Also the integration into Android phones and other smartphones will be a huge and mage boost. Think of all the possibility with apps, buzz on apps is an easy way for developers to get comments and build a community that way through email. Apps like Open table come to mind; book a restaurant, enjoy the meal and service buzz about it and geo-tag. Easy way to build good press and free advertising.


Which comes to my next point. Google is first and foremost an advertising company that’s where are the Google dollars are made and that is what all their products are really geared to. Google Buzz is no exception, don’t be fooled. Buzz is an advertising tool, that is now placed within the inbox of your email that you like and want to check out. Already companies like Samsung have started and are trying to create their own buzz community. I won’t be surprised Google will eventually create a buzz service for companies to tap into and reach consumers. Also buzz allows for a great avenue for viral campaigns by companies and business to push their product and services.

Yes Google Buzz is the evolution of email to 3.0 status that adds social media right into your inbox, where you make friends based on topics. No need for forums when there is a search bar in your email for Buzz. On the flip side Buzz is the next push in advertising by Google and maybe the end to our privacy, if we ever had one.

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