Godzilla 2014 Review!!!!

Godzilla Review (5) I got a chance to catch a screen of the new Godzilla movie courtesy of  Dolby at their Atmos theater in NYC. Before I jump into the review, I have to preface this by saying; please watch this movie or any other movie at a theater with Dolby Atmos- here. The sound is incredible, I mean awesome!!! So I begin this review with how well Godzilla sounded; he was magnificent.  He sounded like a huge scary monster. The yells sent shivers down my spine, not sure if that was the full intent from the movie or just Dolby Atmos theater doing its magic.

So Godzilla is director by Garth Edwards, a relative newcomer as a director; with the movie starring Brian Cranston, Elizbaeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe and Aaron Taylor-Johnson and of course Godzilla. The movie was well paced with great anticipation building with every scene. Godzilla’s first appearance was monumental and struck a a tone of fear and scale that was set through out the movie. Serious, he is huge and the other monsters are just as massive. Yes there is more than one monster in this movie, I won’t mention how many; but its more than one. The human interaction was well done, usually in most monster movies today, there is a lot of over-dramatization with the human character. What we get here is an experience, of being a human stock in a world of Beats at epic proportion and scale.

I know some of you are going to ask me, how are the fight scene? The action and fights in this movie are fantastic, with a lot of build up to the last scene which I think pays off very well.But you might feel you waited for quite a bit before getting the pay off. That been said Godzilla was a fun and very entertaining movie I would recommend for all to see. The audio was impeccable thanks to Dolby laboratory and the movie its self keep you glued to your seats. To get more spoiler filled details on the movie, check out my video review. Below