Gioteck EX-06 Wireless Foldable Headset Review: Xbox One & PS4 **Update**

Gioteck EX-06 (4) Gioteck EX-06  is designed as a multi-platform headset that works through a 2.4Ghz wireless frequency to provide some very good gaming audio. The Gioteck EX-06 works with the  PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Xbox one through the stereo headset adapter.  this is done through a USB dongle that provides a simple easy connection to your console. The headset is built from a very light weight rubberized material, which ensures gaming for hours is very conducive. The ear cups are soft and comfortable and really feels like nothing is resting on your head and ears. You have also got individual controls for chat and game volume. as well as a switchable mic and a chat cable for a 3.5mm mic port.

First off don’t use the switchable boom mic ( I did heard from Gioteck, it seem to be an isolated issue and can easily be replaced). Though the audio using the chat cable is impeccable and works great. Also game audio is solid all around, with a higher base level than most headset. On the down side the headset is not the greatest on battery life. After 4 hours of use, I found I did need to recharge the headset via is microUSB port. Still at a relatively low-cost of $119. This is a great multi-platform starter headset that works with all you consoles and provides some very good audio all around.