Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 Motherboard review

G1 sniper M3-1 The G1.Sniper M3 is the first m-ATX gaming motherboard of the GIGABYTE G1-Killer series, which is designed from the ground up to provide gamers with the best possible edge in gaming. Precision is the key  word in all areas of the motherboard’s design, with as much attention to detail paid to the motherboards aesthetic qualities as to its technical prowess. Equipped with the an Intel Z77 Express Chipset, the G1.Sniper M3 motherboard harnesses the outstanding performance of a 3rd generation Intel Core processors, we used the Intel core i7 -3770k on this motherboard and it was singing gloriously. With an exclusive ‘Digital’ VRM design; GIGABYTE 3D Power and GIGABYTE 3D BIOS (Dual UEFI), The G1.Sniper M3 motherboard ensures exceptional power delivery and absolute control.

That is why GIGABYTE has equipped the G1.Sniper M3 motherboard to offer utmost graphics flexibility and upgradeability. With multiple GPU support, GIGABYTE G1.Sniper M3 motherboard delivers maximum FPS (Frames Per Second), with full SLI & Crossfire support.  Another important feature on a motherboard is sound output and the Gigabyte G1.Sniper M3 delivers here by  utilize a high capacity amplifier which is able to drive 150Ω loads, allowing gamers to enjoy a fuller range of dynamic sound with crisper details and less distortion when using high quality professional headphones. The amplifier also features wide band-width, low noise, high slew rate and low distortion, making it ideal for professional audio usage. In addition, GIGABYTE has equipped G1.Sniper M3 motherboard with 4 additional amplifiers onboard for the center/sub woofer, rear speaker, side surround and line out.

The Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 retails for $189 and provides a very solid building bed for any gamer or enthusiast.