Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Pro-Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Gigabyte Force M7 Thor-4

The 6000dpi advanced laser sensor offers lightning fast 12,000 FPS image processing capability up to four times than the sensor of a standard mouse. Advanced laser engine offers optimum and reliable performance. 800/1600/5600 3-Stage DPI adjustable switch with 3-Stage LED indicators allows for quick on-the-fly DPI adjustment. The hardware based sensitivity up to 5600dpi and software enhanced up to 6000dpi. ORCE M7 THOR is capable of using exclusively intuitive software application to customize button settings, sensitivities, and also simulate keypress of keyboard based on gamer’s needs. The Gigabyte Force M7 Thor has a symetrical body with ergonomic lines.  The Gigabyte Force M7 Thor gaming mouse is geared toward the more cost conscious individual who is looking for a professional grade gaming mouse that’s straightforward and reliable, but will focus on their fundamental needs only. FORCE M7 THOR features 5 programmable buttons and is supported with GIGABYTE’s exclusively intuitive software, SIM, to customize the settings. Gamers can set up the sensitivities or simulate a key press command of keyboard based by needs. With the reinforced USB cable, GIGABYTE FORCE M7 THOR brings gamers a maximum durability gaming mouse. Gamers will never be hurt by the broken cable after an intense and long-time usage. FORCE M7 THOR is also equipped with gold plated USB connector for optimum signal transfer.

Thor is a great mouse for what it is meant to be. It is a great entry level mouse that serves the purpose well. The buttons are easily accessible and comfortable to press including the mouse wheel, its got a solid price point and a great starter for the entry gamer