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Genuine Mesh Case for Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

First off I would like to say a big thanks to Mobilefun for sending this product out to me for review. You can purchase this case, along with many others, on their website hyperlinked here>  Samsung Galaxy S2 Case and below.

First Impressions
My first impression when I put this case onto my phone was just how thin it was, and how dry the texture to the plastic is. If you are looking for a case which adds minimalist protection whilst maintaing the form factor and sleek profile of your SGS2 then you will be hard pressed to find a better style of case for your device. The texture of the plastic, combined with the mesh design, makes the device feel very matte and very dry. It’s is hard to describe, but dry really is the best adjective to describe it, it completely contrasts with the slippery shiny feel of the SGS2’s back and it makes a very welcome change in your hand.

Fit and Finish

The finish on the case is pretty good. There is a very fine seam running around the case which you can’t feel but can just about see, and there were a few scratches inside the case on the sides. These were not sharp, so will not scratch your device, and they look as if they may be left over from the moulding process. However once the case is on the phone these are obviously not visible anyway.
The case fits perfectly. It is super tight, so if you use a skin on your device, such as a Zagg or a Wrappz then the case wont fit and you risk scratching pulling up the skin as well as bending and warping the case itself. When on the device there is no movement whatsoever and you wouldn’t be able to tell it was a case if you held it, never having held a galaxy s2 before.

The bad
The only thing I can complain about with this case is that if you have it on for several days then dust does build up in the little holes on the back. This is fine if, like me, you flip flop you cases everyday, or if you take it of to clean it once in a while. The other complaint with this is case is one I haven’t had, but several people have reportedly suffered from. From talking to people with the case several claim that it has scratched their device around the bezel. I have used this case on and of for two weeks, and have probably taken it off and put it on upwards of ten or fifteen times, and I have had no issues with scratching. I am very careful when I take cases off and put them on, which may be a contributing factor, so just be careful if you purchase one of these not to yank it on and off put prise it gently, one side at a time.

Dust on the phone after using the case


This case is great if you want scratch protection and want to make the device feel solid. You get little or no drop protection and the lay on the table design is minimal, but you can lay it on a surface, or put it in your pocket knowing the back is covered. Twin it with a screen shield, or SGP Glas and you have full scratch protection.

Buy them here>Samsung Galaxy S2 case (via MobileFun)

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