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Gaming on the Motorola Xoom & Nvidia Tegra Zone



Android 3.0/Honeycomb was built to take the tablet to a different level and one of those was gaming; combined with the addition of Tegra 2 chip from Nvidia. Which aims to provided a more robust and crisp 3D gaming experience on the Android Platform. I looked at a couple of games, some built for the system( Dungeons Defender, CORDY)and one old gamer Super KO. Yes I did look at Angry birds though not in the video. The Nvidia Tegra Zone acts as a hub which gives you Android and Tegra related gaming news, though it shows games that can be downloaded; it still links you back to the Android Market Place. Hopefully that changes in the future and allows user to download full games with out the need for future downloading before play.


Dungeon Defenders is pre-installed with the Xoom but you do have to download all the resources, once that was done. The game ran smoothly and controls worked well and graphically the game looked solid.



Next was Cordy which I though looked like on of the best Android games I have seen, it ran smoothly, the 3D animation was nice and the controls were super easy.



Super KO and old Android game, though no optimized for Android 3.0 or tablets, ran well, graphically the screen looked stretched out but the game sill played well for not been optimized for the system.



lastly Angry birds, though not included in the video, it did what it does best, look good, play well and have no issue.




Gaming has a long way to go on Android and Tablet as a whole but, with Android 3.0 and the capabilities of the Tegra 2 chip, I can see a bright future. As long as we don’t need to keep downloading resources due to Android Market place cap limitations. I think Sony might have the big Break through there with the PlayStation Store for the Xperia Play phone coming out soon


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