Gaming: Battlefield 4 with the PS4 Dualschock 4 Controller

Battlefield 4 Gaming with the Dualshock 4-1 The Sony dualshock 4 is the latest controller for the PlayStation 4 which will be available on the 15th on Nov. We could wait that long since we already have a dualshock 4 in-house. So we decided to hook it up to our PS3 fire up the newly released Battlefield 4 to see how well it handles with the shooter. So far so good, it works out very well, there where some glitches, but I feel that is something that might needed to be fixed with a software update to the PS3. As far as controller feel during gamplay session. I have to say the Dualshock 4 is probably the best PlayStation controller made by Sony. I have not, and still am not a fan of the dual analog placement but. I have to say the controller felt more comfortable in the hands and during long game play sessions of Battlefield 4.  Check out how it handles in the video below